International Labor & Settlement Solutions

Permanent Job offer, Health insurance, Paid Vacation, Raise on Wage, etc.

U.S Employers offer full benefit packages most importantly include permanent residence sponsorship


KAG Main Business Areas

 International Recruiting & Staffing  

Communicate through Proven Resume Management System 

Promoting Employer's Recruiting Information

Assisting Employers with Work Visa Process  


    Relocation & Settlement Service 

We provide the landing service to get immigrants adjusted smoothly when they arrive at the job site. 

The service includes assistance locating housing, getting a driver license and social security cards, school registration etc.

We will help those immigrants secure further jobs and positions at a geological location.

    English Language Training & Job placement Education

Sunnyside institute provide 9-months conversational English Course with many other programs.

KAG's own service representatives will be on site to provide aid in applicant's job orientation.

What is EB3(Employment based Visas) Program?


Employment-Based Immigration: Third Preference EB-3 | USCIS

Immigration program which our client can obtain a Permanent Residency through employment.


Requires sponsorship from a U.S. Company


Requires job availability

Experience the difference!


KAG has been contracted with 31 U.S. Companies more than 14 states since 1996

moreover, process nearly 1200 cases a year from all over the world.


Kenndy Access Group executes and promotes recruitment outside the usual labor pool.

Offers relocation and settlement services.

Provides legal consulting services(by the attorney at law) on immigration including legal entry and work permits in the U.S.

Provides professional recruitment referrals for any positions including permanent, contract, sub-contractor, consulting, temporary, full-time or part-time Employer's request.


We are a staffing & recruiting company especially specialized for EB3(non-skilled, employment-based U.S Immigration Visa) process that works with 31 sponsor companies (poultry/meat processing companies) in 14 states within the U.S.


We provide the services of processing & filing all the documents for the US Department of labor(PERM), USCIS and communicating & working with a legal team (Immigration lawyer) and the sponsor companies.


We do our best for you to be able to get a green card (permanent residence card) through working a year for one of our sponsor companies.


Once again, we process all the steps for a green card (permanent residence card) with filing all the documents to the department of labor and USCIS on behalf of you, so you don't have to worry about anything.


Follow this Step by Step EB3 program to obtain GC with the help of KAGLA


<Global-the Consular process>

The client fills in required documents with 1st install payment of KAG Service Contract

List of available jobs is sent to the applicant and the prospective applicant apply for a position on our RESUME SYSTEM by themselves.

The applicant will be paired with a sponsor company which applied for, and recruiting/ employment confirmation process will be initiated.

Employer provides job offer to Client.

 Labor Certification is filed to USDOL(PERM)

3 to 6 months in average(if an audit is required) to get LC approval.

Upon LC approval, Client make 2nd install payment of KAG service contract and I-140 filing fee(Premium processing fee is optional)

*The applicant only pay for I-140 service and other legal services include education/ settlement services. The employer pay for all the cost of PERM and Recruitment.

After LC(PERM) approval, I-140 is filed to USCIS. Processing times are 2 weeks for Premium, 8-12 months for Basic Processing

After I-140(Immigration Petition) approval, client can apply for U.S. immigration VISA and interview process at U.S. Embassy or I-485 for adjustment of status.

Make 3rd install payment of KAG service contract and NVC VISA fee and USCIS immigration fee. 

After I-140(Immigration Petition) approval, the client can apply for U.S. immigration VISA and interview process at U.S. Embassy or I-485 for adjustment of status.

Make 3rd install payment of KAG service contract and NVC VISA fee and USCIS immigration fee. 

Start your work for at least 1 year for sponsor employer. Once you fulfill the at least 12 months or more of work, you can move to anywhere with 10 years valid GC.


EB3 is a time-consuming process.

The processing time can vary according to nationality and individual circumstances. 

Processing time can change anytime upon USCIS's policy change.


For applicants from India, China, the processing time may be extremely longer than other countries.


Please provide all the information below.

1. What is your country of origin and nationality?

2. Are you currently in the U.S. or Overseas(You can apply from overseas)?

3. If you are in the U.S., what is your visa status and when is the expiration?

4. How many dependents(Spouse and Under 18 yrs old children only) apply together?

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