Employment-based permanent residency status, often called a “green card”, may be obtained in several ways. A green card allows you to work at a U.S. company on a long-term or permanent basis. KAGLA will help create a custom placement and immigration plan specific to your experience and immigration goals! Contact us now for a free consultation.


Benefits of a Green Card

The employment-based residency process results in you and your family obtaining unconditional green cards, which means that you are permanent legal residents of the U.S. All family members are permitted to work and live in the U.S., regardless of age or marital status. You and your family will have the right to attend some of the top educational institutions in the U.S., with children enjoying free public schooling, as well as reduced tuition rates if they attend public colleges and universities. U.S. green card holders also enjoy the ability to travel for 180 days at a time out of the country, and can visit over 35 countries without the need to apply for a visa. You will be able to make business investments and obtain favorable financing to purchase a home in the U.S. Permanent residents are also eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship after a naturalization period of five years, should they choose to do so.


Custom Plan

There are numerous factors to consider when creating an immigration plan to ultimately work and live in the U.S. You will need to consider your goals and objectives, and your current situation. How quickly do you want to start working? Do you want to stay in the U.S. and seek a change of status, or complete the process outside of the U.S.? Do you have the financial ability for placement and legal costs to complete the immigration process?

Are you seeking a permanent residency? Are you open to different job positions or geographical locations in the U.S.?

KAGLA is skilled in consulting with all types of workers with different individual goals, objectives, and timelines to develop custom immigration plans. Take a look at some real-life examples, and check out our APPROVAL section for more specific information about actual Labor Certification, Working Permit(EAD), Green Card approval letters we have utilized.



After a company in the U.S. has issued you a job offer by our proven Resume System and agreed to sponsor your visa, KAGLA and our immigration attorneys will collect the necessary documents and initiate the appropriate immigration and work authorization processes with U.S. government agencies.

Obtaining permanent residency is a multi-step process which usually takes about 1.5 to 3 years from start to finish; however, depending on your country of origin, the process may take longer especially for workers from China, India, and Mexico. If you are currently a student in the U.S., there is a possibility that KAGLA can arrange for you to start working at the company while you are waiting for your green card. Check out our FAQ section for more information about the steps in the permanent residency process.



A successful employment-based residency immigration application will result in you and your family receiving your immigrant visas, and then you must enter the U.S. within 2-4 months.

You may begin work with your sponsoring company as soon as you enter the U.S., and your green cards will be delivered in about 1 to 4 months. You and your family members who were included in your application are granted all the rights and benefits of legal permanent residents.

Explains everything about the whole EB3 process in brief.


1. Sign the service contract with KAG, prepare all the documents and make an initial payment.


2. The applicant applies for a job through our resume system.


3. The employer's HR manager will contact you for a job interview/offer.

4. Once the applicant accepted and sign the employment contract with sponsor employer, KAG will submit Labor Certificate(LC) to PERM system.

The applicant will receive submission receipt from USDOL with “A” number.


5. When the applicant gets the approval for Labor Certificate(LC), that’s when the applicant needs to pay second install payment and other fees. Once payment is cleared, our immigration lawyer will submit I-140(Immigration petition) and I-485(Status change process-if the applicant is already in the USA with proper F1 visa). *Please note that You have an option to I140 and I485 together or separately in this step. There are pros and cons to doing so.


If you are a Global Applicant (apply from your country), once you get LC approved, that’ when you need to make 2nd install payment with other fees. Once payment is cleared, DS260 will be filed and waiting for Visa interview at your country’s US Embassy.


6. When I140 approved, that’s time to make last payment and within 3-8 months, you will get a notice from USCIS for an interview. After the interview process is all done without any issue, you will get the Green Card by mail-in another 3-4 months.


For Global applicant, once you pass the interview process and pay for the temporal visa fees, that’s time to come to the USA to work. When you first enter one of International Airport, you will need to report to INS, USCIS office in that Airport. You will get a stamp on your passport with Alien number. That’s the same number that you will have it on your plastic green card later mail it to you.

Work for 1 year or more and you are all set!

Unskilled(EB3) Employement based Immigration Sponsors


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