F1 Student Visa to Green Card Option #1: Get an Employer Sponsorship

Provided that an employer meet specific eligibility requirements,

you can petition for an EB3 visa (a.k.a. Employment-Based Green Card).


The link below is detail regarding EB3 program from USCIS website.



Below step by step, instruction explains everything about the whole EB3 process in brief.


1. Sign the service contract with KAG, prepare all the documents and make an initial payment.


2. An applicant applies for a job through our resume system.


3. The employer's HR manager will contact you for a job offer.

(KAG and the employer already contracted to have jobs ready for our clients)


4. Once the applicant accepted and sign the employment contract with sponsor employer, KAG will submit Labor Certificate(LC) to PERM system.

In 3 to 7 days, the applicant will receive submission receipt from USDOL with “A” number.


5. When the applicant gets the approval for Labor Certificate(LC), that’s when the applicant needs to pay second install payment and other fees. Once payment is cleared, our housed immigration lawyer will submit I-140(Immigration petition) and I-485(Status change process-if the applicant is already in the USA with proper F1 visa) together.

*Please note that You have an option to I140 and I485 together or separately in this step. There are pros and cons to doing so.


6. When I140, I485 approved, that’s time to make last payment, and you can start to work with EAD card and SSN.

Within 2-3 months, you will get a notice from USCIS for an interview. After the interview process is all done without any issue, you will get the Green Card by mail in another 3-4 months.


Work for one year, and you are all set!


!!! Please remember that maintaining F1 Status from the initial stage to the point you finish your interview for I485(Adjustment of status from F1 to Permanent residency) is solely the applicant's responsibility.

KAG has no responsibility and no control over the applicant's F1 Status.


All of KAG's contracted employers will sponsor you for Employment based Green Card upon the qualification.


We are a staffing & recruiting company especially specialized for EB3(non-skilled, employment-based U.S Immigration Visa) process that works with 23 sponsor companies (poultry/meat processing companies) in 13 states within the U.S.


We provide the services of processing & filing all the documents for the US Department of labor(PERM), USCIS and communicating & working with a legal team (Immigration lawyer) and the sponsor companies.


We do our best for you to be able to get a green card (permanent residence card) through working a year for one of our sponsor companies.


Once again, we process all the steps for a green card (permanent residence card) with filing all the documents to the department of labor and USCIS on behalf of you, so you don't have to worry about anything.


Contact us today for more details about how to apply for the EB3 program.



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