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2021 Waiting list Announcement

Hi, prospective EB3 applicants, my name is Dave and I am excited to introduce Kennedy Access’s EB3 unskilled employment opportunity to you.

First, I would like to inform you that our first round of employment for 400+ job positions with 3 employers that was originally planned to open from Jan 2021 to April 2021 have completely filled by Feb 25, 2021. We are so overwhelmed with the huge successful turnout!

What does this mean to you?

Many job applicants will chase for any available EB3 unskilled positions in 2021 since New USA President and administration are friendly with immigration policy in general. Obviously, there were many prospects who have missed their chance to start the process in Feb 2021.

To maximize your chance to start the EB3 unskilled opportunity in near time,

We are currently accepting Prepayment Waiting list account with a deposit to secure future positions in 2021.

We are in a talk with Abbyland to have a few more job spots available in March but it will be very limited numbers. Whoever, ready with documents and payments on the waiting list will have a better chance to apply for a job as an order we received.

Being on the Abbyland waiting list doesn’t guarantee job offer from Abbyland at the moment. If anyone on the Abbyland waiting list cannot apply for an additional batch with Abbyland in March 2021, they will have a priority to apply for the first next job opening positions.

“Our limited time only special promotion $2350 to start with 20 installment plan will only available for ABBYLAND only”

For next openings, you may choose from our original 3 installment plan or $3500/20 installment plan only”

KAGLA’s Waiting list with a $2350 deposit

(You must be enrolled with KAGLA to be on the waiting list)

What you will get with the waiting list are,

1. Head Start! You will not miss the opportunity to apply!

We will contact you first with upcoming opening information

2. Be informed first for the future job availability updates from KAGLA

3. Have a chance to secure your account with immigration attorney advice (Restrictions may apply. EB3 Unskilled related issues only)

4. Never miss a chance to start early. You will be in the very front line ahead of anyone to get Priority date.

We will have many jobs incoming summer, fall and winter 2021 (The actual opening date is not fixed yet and subject to change): Due to the popularity and limited availability, jobs are normally fill up fast and we don’t want you to miss the chance!

Below documents are a must to start your process.

# KAGLA_Service Agreement _Form

# KAG_Job Applicant Acknowledgement

# Applicant Information Form_ UPDATED_2021

And Deposit of $2350 to KAGLA only

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